Abyko Planar- The Planes and Pantheon

Abyko Planar – The Planes and Pantheon

The Planes

The Pantheon

The Planes

The Abyko Planar consists of Materia, the inner plane, which is encompassed by the Fey-wild and Shadowfell. Around this plane swims the Elemental planes, all churning in the vast Magic Well. The plane of Aetheron sits opposite Archerus, as Mecha and Pandamonium keep perpendicular to these two. All four swirl around the Magic Well, Contained only by the Creatio Sphere: The intermingled swirling of the Plane of Life and Death.

Aligned Planes:
Aetheron: Good
Archerus: Evil
Mecha: Law
Pandamonium: Chaos
Creatio: Neutral


Severline: The Eternal Serpent

Severline dwells in the Creatio Sphere, and watches over the processes of Life and Death. She created the Planar with her dreams, and rose to the occasion of taking the Planes under her like a child. During the creation of the Magic Well, she forged the Creatio Sphere from her own blood as a barrier to keep the outer planes from shooting into the void. Ever since, this mixture of positive and negative energy is used by many casters from many walks of life, an unlimited reserve open for anyone’s use.
Responsible for Life and Death, her followers believe in the balance of the world, ensuring that noone abuses the powers that exist, and that noone is at too large of a disadvantage. As such, they are provided with ways of knowing the unknown, so that they may even out distribution of advantage.
Align: Neutral
Domains: Nature, Life, Death, Knowledge
Symbol: A two headed snake with one half white and the other black.

Helios: The Brilliant Shepard

Helios lives in Aetheron, and is an advocate of Light and Life. He advocates that even your most hated enemies deserve redemption, and that all life, no matter how small, should not be taken lightly. Although he is not against killing for food, taking lives for sport is apalling to both him and his followers. Helios was the first to appear in the Planar, aside from Severline, and his will brought about Aetheron, where he created his Angels from his image.
His followers seek to spread life through the world, and to stop fighting and death wherever it occurs.
Align: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, Light, Nature
Symbol: A tree with a bright stone in the middle.

Malaran: The Blade of War

Malaran of Archerus is a hellish character, determined to bring war to all of the world. This endeavor is actually for lasting peace, with the victors claiming the spoils. He believes that the strong should get what they want, but that this should be given to them by the conquered. He advocates War and Death, and he often wants the world to go forth and conquer. He was created alongside his realm after Helios, and was always jealous of the attention and care Helios received from Severline. His ultimate goal is to remove Helios from the Pantheon and to claim the opposing realms of Aetheron and Archerus for himself.
His followers take to the front of regions who will let them, and destroy those who oppose them.
Align: Lawful Evil
Domains: War, Death, Trickery
Symbol: A blade streaked with black blood.

Ardora: The Forgemaster

Ardora resides in the realm of Mecha, constantly creating creatures of Law and Order. She stays there, building machines and contraptions whose goal is to bring justice across the land. She fears chaos, and wants there to be order in the world at any cost. She was the last of the Gods to come into being, her realm popping up mere centuries before the chaos of the Magic Well almost tore the Planar, and her, asunder. She has since recrafted the parts of herself lost in that tragedy, and vows to keep chaos under control, no matter the cost. Her followers generally are politicians seeking to keep their people under control, and can be both caring and ruthless in an instant.
Align: Lawful Neutral
Domains: War, Knowledge
Symbol: Hammer with a Cog inside of the head.

Karina: The Trickster

Karina was the fourth of the lot to come into existence, as well as her realm, Pandamonium. Both Karina and Pandamonium get bored easily, and both are in a constant state of flux. Karina is an advocate for tricking people, but mostly for a laugh. She is very laid back and likes to enjoy life, but will fight fiercely for what she values. When the Magic Well opened, she was the first to dip into magic once the dust had cleared, and she has loved it ever since. Some of her followers are Wild Mages, who use the Chaotic nature of magic to their advantage, subverting the ill effects of the Corruption by allowing the magic to flow in its naturally flux state. Others are rogues looking to get a good laugh, as well as a good coin purse, and are always up for a drink of mead and a taste of bread.
Align: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Trickery, Tempest
Symbol: A wine glass filled with mead.

Magna: the Mad

Magna was the god of creativity and thinking. He was the third to come into the planar, and with it his plane of Materia came into being. He one day decided that there needed to be more power in the Planar, and come up with a design for the Magic Well. In this venture, he succeeded, but was quickly pulled inside, and his plane began to rip asunder. Acting quickly, he gave his last breaths forcing his plane, and the ones sheered from it, to float upon the Well like islands.
He was destined to breath again, however. The Well had decided that he was not to be brought down so easily, and thus Magna became the first one to fall ill to the Corruption. The pain and suffering drives him mad, and he wants nothing other than to end his suffering, as well as his fellow demonic comrades. In this effort, he wishes to bring down the Magic Well completely, hopefully resulting in all demons’ demise. This would undoubtly bring about another Cataclysm, one that Severline is not able to cope with, and thus she fights unendingly against Magna’s attempts to destroy the Well. Followers of Magna hope to gain power, but realize quickly that with all power there is a price, and in this case the price is too large to pay.
Align: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Tempest, Death, Knowledge

Abyko Planar- The Planes and Pantheon

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