Dragonborn City - Esset

Esset is a Dragonborn town on the northern coast of Aerwulf. The area is quite snowy and contains very little for vegetation. During the summer months the vegetation grows back somewhat, and the snow melts for a time, but still the area is cold and unforgiving. The city is near a human settlement that is to the East, and they sometimes get travelers from there coming to enjoy Esset.

The Bright City

Esset has snow, but also very bright sun during the winter. Because of this, very bright sunlight reflects off of the landscape. Although the dragonborn are able to easily cope with this light, outsiders must wear goggles and clothing to protect themselves from blindness and sunburns. The snow persists through about 9 months of the year, making life pretty exclusively on the snow.

However, there is one chunk of the city, up on a tall hill, where the snow doesn’t melt at all. This is where the mayor stays, and looks out onto the city. All official business goes through this section of town, so those coming from outside the town are warned to wear their protective clothes.

Helios’ Grace

Esset is also home to one of the largest temples to Helios. This is mainly attributed to the brightness of the city in the snow. Many people from many walks of life go to the temple to pray. The temple is also home to a large orphanage. Many of the orphans that are not adopted out by the time they are 12 join into the ranks of the clerics, although they are not required to.

The structure of the temple is not like one would expect. There are many levels, spiraling upward into the sky, reaching toward Helios. In the spirit of exploration, the temple is constantly adding higher and higher towers, and connecting those at the same level that are disjointed. Because of this, there are many different building styles and colors, making the entire temple look disjoint and wild. People often comment about this, and the clerics just say that diversity is what makes life great, diversity makes us unique.

Something Fishy

Being a coastal town, you would expect people to fish. However, unlike most coastal towns, the fish is everywhere. The fish is propelled down the streets and to homes via the use of magic, and perpetuates every corner of the city, including the temple to Helios. Fish is the main food source for the people, and they love it. There are many different delicacies made from the fish of the town, and seafood lovers from all over will flock to this place in order to try some of the amazing recipes.

Since the fish go everywhere, the smell of fish is likewise all about the town. The smell permeates every district of the town. Even the temple of Helios and the town hall are not safe from this. Most outsiders find this a problem, and can only stand the smell for a little while. However, the mostly dragonborn that live there have become used to the smell, and they can actually find it odd when traveling to places that do not smell of fish!

Hard but Nice

The people of Esset live rough lives against the shore. The land is rough and barren, and the crops are dry and tasteless. The people have adapted and are a rough lot. However, they also have adapted by being together, and that sense of community shows in their niceness. This interesting paradox often is off-putting to strangers, as they cannot tell whether they are being rude or helpful. The unspoken rule is that it is actually both.

Dragonborn City - Esset

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