Dwarven Society - Khalizar Mountain

Khalizar Mountain is a bustling city that stretches deep beneath the mountain for which it is named. Many underground biomes flow through the massive city, with many clans living in areas that are akin to their trade. The bustling market is where most dwarves meet those outside of their clans, where they become friends over a drink. A common saying for the dwarves of Khalizar is “Full chairs and empty mugs makes a warm heart.” implying that drinking company around friends is a great blessing in life, and something many dwarves cherish in this rather peaceful mountain.

Dwarves of the Stone

The dwarves of Khalizar are mountain dwarves, and their booming population makes up about all of the mountain dwarves on the planet. Their skin is a rough grey color to match the stones they tirelessly dig up from the ground. Although their appearance is made from stone, their hearts are made of gold: trusting and loyal.
They are fueled by the shiny things in life, and often adorn everything, even their clothing, with gems and precious metals. Their craftsmanship with armor and weaponry is unrivaled; they produce powerful articles made from adamantine and mithril. The adamantine for such arms is usually procured from The Blackhelms, where a number of mountain dwarves have set up their homes to mine the precious Black Mines set up there.

Districts in Biomes

The mountain dwarves of Khalizar have a number of biomes within their city, with them every expanding their borders in case they will have need for more people within their city. The crafts of the clans are generally split into the biome most suited for their trade, but they are free to move about the city as they please.

The Stone Bulwark

The Stone Bulwark is at the helm of the city. Here, they have a massive quarry and build up their walls using the stone produced. The dwarves here have come up with a unique mixture of stone and Khalium to create reinforced stone, used all throughout the city. The Bulwark is also the central hub of the city, housing the many markets and stalls for the people, as well as the towers of the city’s castle.

The people that live here are generally marketers, guards, warriors, miners, and crafters. Lumberers also live here, as some of the people to venture outside of the city. Of course, the nobility also live here, but they venture into the other Districts often to see how their people are doing.

The Magma Channels

The Magma Channels is a District that lays in the deepest parts of the mountain. Down underground, the dwarves have opened up channels of flowing magma, and have been using it since. The magma is generally used for blacksmithing, but in recent years the dwarves have had an influx of inventors working on other ways to use the magma. Some recent ideas include blasting large chunks of metal out of an inclosed space, powering war machines, and using it in magic to make artificial spices.

The bulk of the people living in the Channels are blacksmiths and inventors. Although, there are also some magicians and warriors who have used the magma in their craft and thrive in the area accordingly.

The Frozen Summit

The Frozen Summit is at the top of the mountain, overlooking the surrounding area. The District gets its name from the frigid temperatures at the top of the snowy peak of the mountain. The dwarves share this district with Snowy Griffons, which they raise for battle purposes on the summit. This is also the District in which chilled goods are stored, as the area stays cold all year around.

A lot of war planning takes place here, since the summit provides such an advantageous view of the surrounding area. The magma inventors are also working on a way to keep people perpetually warm easily in the summit, for those that must live there all year round.

The Underfields

The Underfields are a vast area underground where a semi-fluorescent field of moss. On this moss graze giant cave beetles. The dwarves farm these beetles and have a good farmer relationship with them. The beetles are used in all kinds of things, from foods to drink to medicines. There is also some other farmed vegetables that the dwarves grow here in much higher variety than the beetles.

Generally, just farmers and butchers live on this level. Some older dwarves like to make their homes here and settle down with a nice garden and country retreat.

The Flowing Khalium

Under the mountain the dwarves discovered a river. However, unlike normal rivers, this one was made from metal. The metal remained liquified, and with the application of some magical energy, would temporarily turn solid. Some houses use this for fighting, others for creating interesting inventions. They call this metal Khalium.

Up and down the river goes on for miles, and the dwarves are incredibly interested to see what is at the beginning and end of the river. To this end, they created a ship-like machine that can seemingly sprout spidery legs in order to fight the current to go up river, or back up river after going down river. After all of their explorations, they haven’t yet found either the beginning or end of the river, but they are determined to do so one day.

Dwarven Society - Khalizar Mountain

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