Dwarven Society - Undusham

Undusham is a dark dwarven city on the southern end of Undam. This area makes the dwarves close to The Coalhearts, with whom they are in constant conflict. Although their numbers tower over the Coalhearts, their population is much smaller than other dwarven metropolises. This is because many of the Duergar live in a large number of smaller cities scattered about the globe, instead of conglomerating in one area like the Mountain and Hill dwarves.

Dwarves of the Ash

The Duergar of Undusham are often called the Dwarves of the Ash. This is due to the ash spewing into their city from the exhaust of flaming lava vents nearby. This almost suffocation quality has imparted several things upon the dwarves of the city, some inherently beneficial, and some cosmetic.

Firstly, the Duergar are pretty much immune to suffocation from ash, only dying in the most dense of clouds. Next, the ash has put on a soot coating, making them hard to detect by both normal vision and dark vision alike. The ash has also caused their hair to be of a grayish coat and their skin to be of a dark shade of purple. Lastly, their eyes have grown a deep red due to the particles that are constantly in their eyes.

The Creeping Miasma

The fiery vents of lava next to Undusham spew tons of thick smog into the confined space of the city. This causes some changes in the dwarves, as noted above. More importantly, the city is almost uninhabitable by other races, acting almost like a barrier. The smog provides an issue for sight for those who are able to deal with inhaling the fumes. The dwarves of the city seem to be very adept at seeing through the smoke.

The dwarves have also found other uses for the smoke permeating their city. For starters, many of the spell casters use smoke as a basis for their spells, with many of them specializing in illusion spells based upon smoke. Others have mastered magical infusement of the smoke into the weapons of the dwarves. These weapons flare into the face of enemies on impact, causing blindness and coughing during combat.

The Fiery War

Due to their proximity to the Coalhearts, the dwarves of Undusham have been at war with the dark elves for a long time. Recently, however, they have gotten into a massive battle called the Fiery War. This has caused resource influx from the rest of the world, notably Undam itself. This influx applies to both the dark elves and the dwarves. The dwarves do have many more settlements than the dark elves, stretching across the entire world.

Because of this demand for war resources, dark dwarves all across the continent have been increasing their rate of raiding and pillaging. This has put everyone on edge, and small wars between surface creatures and the dwarves, which the dwarves mostly ignore. Either way, the entire continent of Undam is affected by the Fiery War, which seems to have no end in sight.

Dwarven Society - Undusham

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