Elven House - The Brightwoods

House Brightwood is a high elven House located in the Southernmost region of the forest shared with House Blackhelm and House Twinbrook.

Elves from Brightwood have hazel eyes, rosy pink skin and hair in shades of auburn and caramel. Sometimes their hair will have streaks of silver. Those with the silver hair are said to have been blessed by the Handprint of Magna.

House Crest

A stylized tree with white bark and silver leaves. In the middle of the tree is a spigot with silver sap dripping from it.

Current Matron

Elwen Brightwood

The Handprint of Magna

At the center of House Brightwood is a peculiar grove of trees that have been there for as long as recorded history, if not even longer. Although the trees have been there for eons, they never produce any new saplings. The elves call this grove the Hand Print of Magna. Legends say it was the place where Magna bound his realm when he sacrificed himself to save Materia from the Magic Well’s chaos.

The bark of these trees is pale grayish-white, and their leaves shimmer like silver. On new moon nights the trees glow brightly. It is only during these nights the trees glow, as well as produce a ghostly translucent silver sap with unique healing properties. The sap is collected by the elves of Brightwood and they use it to heal people with corruption.

The sap from the Handprint of Magna heals all levels of corruption 99% or below, and is the only known treatment that can remove all permanent affects caused by high levels of corruption such as hooves, scars, height changes and horns. However, this does not mean the person is with out some sort of permanent life-long affect from being healed by the sap. In place of the typical changes the person’s hair and eyes turn a translucent silver color found only in those treated with this sap. Sometimes their skin tone is permanently changed as well. Lighter skinned individuals have pale silvery skin with dark silver stripes, while darker skinned individuals have the dark silver skin with pale silvery stripes.

The treatment process for the sap is relatively fast in comparison to some other methods to get rid of corruption, usually taking about a day or so. During this process the person’s entire body must be covered in sap. Even their eyes get a drop of it.

While highly prized for its effectiveness at treating all levels of corruption, House Brightwood only uses the sap on people with very high levels of corruption. People with less than 75% corruption aren’t even considered for treatment with the sap. That is due to the trees only producing enough sap to treat ten people a year.

Since there is such a limited supply the elves end up turning away a lot of people. People of stereotypically evil races are almost always turned away, since the elves claim they heal only those who are pure of heart. Typically only noble people with very high levels of corruption end up being healed with this sap. A lot of healers from this House specialize in healing corruption so even if an afflicted person is denied the sap, a lot of the times they end up being healed anyways but through other more typical methods.

Unfriendly Neighbors

Since the theft of the Blackhelm the Brightwoods have grown to extremely dislike House Blackhelm. From the first time they heard news that the Blackhelms had taken in escaped drow slaves the Brightwoods became instantly wary of such a decision. Over and over again, up to the day the Blackhelm was stolen, the Brightwoods warned the Blackhelms that the drow were up to no good. They believed the drow were going to betray the Blackhelms from the start, and to this day think the Blackhelms would still have their prized helm had they only listened to them. With each new war with the drow the Blackhelms drag them into, the more House Brightwood’s hatred grows. They outright blame the Blackhelms for the Neverlights capturing and enslaving some of their soldiers, even though Blackhelm, Brightwood, and Twinbrook were all horribly affected by that disastrous war.

They are also extremely vocal in their disgust over what Blackhelm’s bloodline has become. They have not once agreed to an arranged marriage with House Blackhelm. The Brightwoods refuse to sully their own bloodline with drow ancestry, extending this even to members of their own House. While they happily welcomed home the pure blooded Brightwood Cala’di freed at the end of the third war with the Neverlights, they initially refused to take in any non-Morcala half drow amongst the Cala’di. After much coaxing from and arguing with House Blackhelm, the Brightwoods reluctantly allowed in the half drow who were less than a century old. Adult half drow were barred from even entering their city and were turned away.

Elven House - The Brightwoods

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