Elven House - The Frostfalls

House Frostfall is a snow elf House located in the northern tundra of Aerwulf. The snow elves are an off-shoot of the high elves.

The elves of this House have glacier blue eyes, sky blue skin, and pale hair colors. Usually platinum blond, sandy brown or on rare occasion white. It is said their blue skin came from generations upon generations of exposure to and living near the Coldfire.

House Crest

An open hand with the palm facing towards the viewer. The hand is wreathed in ice blue flame.

Current Matron

Losawe Frostfall

The Coldfire Hearth

Housed with in the Matron’s grand palace is a mysterious magical entity known as the Coldfire. At first glance the Coldfire looks like a mass of blue-hot flames. In reality it is a magical source of extreme cold. So cold that creatures normally immune to cold damage are harmed and even killed by its flames.

Many ages ago when these elves first explored the region, the woman who would become their first Matron found the Coldfire on accident. She and a group of others were exploring a glacier when she fell through an unseen crevasse in the ice and landed in the Coldfire. She emerged from the Coldfire unharmed but forever changed. Legends say when she came out of the Coldfire her entire body had turned a dark glacier blue. It had bestowed her with incredible ice powers unmatched by anyone even into the present day. Enthralled by what had happened the elves of Frostfall established their home around the Coldfire.

The Frostscar Fighters

Certain members of this House grow up to become warriors known as Frostscar Fighters. Frostscars undergo many years of training before consuming a piece of the Coldfire. Doing so grants them various ice powers, including a potent breath weapon they call the Frozen Whisper. Their breath weapon got its name from initially looking like ordinary mist until it touches a nearby creature. On contact the mist transforms into large ice crystals that cause massive damage.

Young children who wish to become Frostscars must prove their mettle by sticking the pinky finger of their non-dominant hand into the Coldfire. If they don’t lose the finger to frostbite and it instead turns a dark blue then they are worthy of becoming a Frostscar Fighter. These warriors got their name from their mouths and chins being permanently stained dark blue from eating a piece of the Coldfire.

Winter Wolves

After they have received a piece of the Coldfire each Frostscar befriends a winter wolf who serves as both their mount and life long companion. Winter wolves are intelligent predators native to the tundra and have been allies with the Frostfalls since its founding. Relations between the two were not always so cordial. Winter wolves are immune to the effects of the Coldfire and believe they were creatures born from its flame. They had lived there long before the elves found it. At first they demanded the elves leave. It was not until they heard the Matron’s story of falling into the Coldfire did the winter wolves reconsider. Believing the Coldfire had deemed her and her people worthy, the winter wolves allowed the elves to stay and the two races have been staunch allies ever since. Only the Matron and the Frostscar Fighters have winter wolves as mounts. Those who can withstand the Coldfire are the only people the winter wolves allow to ride them.

Hands of Ice

Each Matron of Frostfall also endures years of training in order to withstand the Coldfire, but unlike the Frostscars she has no choice in the matter. From the time she was a little girl the Matron has had to dunk her hands multiple times into the Coldfire. Like the Frostscars this process stains her hands blue as well as grants her certain powers. It is actually the Matron who pours a bit of the Coldfire into the mouths of ready Frostscars.

Vulnerable to the Heat

While the Coldfire is an incredible source of power, the powers come with a cost. Those with ice abilities become vulnerable to the heat. With out proper training and protection they will begin melting in hotter climates. Parents tell their children a gruesome tale of a child all too eager to become a Frostscar. Wanting powers on par with their first Matron the child jumped into Coldfire. The child stumbled out of the Coldfire and fell to the ground, frozen and unable to move. They rushed the child outside to the nearest healer. But before they could get the child to the healer’s home the sun pierced the clouds and melted the child to death. To protect the Frostscars and their Matron’s hands in warmer regions the elves developed a special material that keeps skin cold. Frostscars often wear scarves made of this material when traveling outside their homeland. Their Matron almost always keeps her hands wrapped in the same material.

Elven House - The Frostfalls

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