Elven House - The Misthavens

House Misthaven is a wood elf House that got its name from the thick white mist that that permeates their section of the forest. The heavy mist and fog is a near constant presence many outsiders do not dare to tread for a variety of reasons. The wood elves, however, are well accustomed to it and have learned to respect the mist instead of fear it. Many traders and caravans avoid the Misthavens all together because they believe the mist is haunted and with a mind of its own.

Elves from Misthaven have dark gray hair, smokey gray eyes, and copper or bronze colored skin.

House Crest

A shield with three wavy lines of white mist in front of it.

Current Matron

Hithilryn Misthaven

The Wanderer of the Mistwilds

The elves speak of a mysterious humanoid figure of unknown race and gender occasionally encountered in the mists. They call this figure the Wanderer of the Mistwilds. Humans who’ve witnessed the Wanderer say its a human, while the elves say the Wanderer is an elf. Whichever race the Wanderer is, everything else about its description remains the same. Eyewitness accounts tell of a figure, barefoot, wrapped from head to ankle in white rags. Although the rags are well worn with many holes and tears, they are never dirty. The only discernible feature about the Wanderer’s face is its eyes. From the few people who’ve gotten a good look at its eyes they describe them as milky white, but swear it was more like looking into two pools of swirling white mist.

No one knows exactly who or what the Wanderer is. Some say its the spirit of someone long dead who’d gained control of the mist. Others claim the Wanderer is a manifestation of the mist itself, that it is the form it chooses when interacting with mortals. Whatever it may be, the elves do not fear the Wanderer. They believe that the Wanderer, and even the mist itself, protects them from those who wish them harm.

On one notorious occasion it seemed the Wanderer’s protection was pivotal. Two centuries ago Sirisea was at war with Misthaven. They sent a massive military force larger than the entirety of Misthaven’s population into their forest believing an easy victory was with in their grasp. But the battle for Misthaven would be one that never came to fruition. Soldiers who survived told a harrowing tale of being attacked by a mysterious but ferocious monster. What exactly the monster was varied from soldier to soldier. Some said it was a ghost. Others a wraith or a spectre. A couple of soldiers even claimed they saw a ten foot tall giant. The only consistency in their reports were all these creatures had ghostly white bodies and blood red eyes that pierced through the thick fog.

Less than ten percent of their army was actually killed by the mysterious creature. The vast majority escaped the forest completely unharmed albeit terrified out of their minds. A portion of the soldiers became trapped in the mist, wandering lost for days before being found and taken prisoner by House Misthaven. The few survivors near the front lines added a chilling addition to the tale. Before they were attacked a lone figure wrapped in white rags appeared out of nowhere. The generals halted their advance and demanded the figure move out of the way or be killed. The figure’s white eyes turned red and said only one thing. “Leave!” When the generals ordered their men to attack the figure vanished, and the monster assaults began.

The elves believed the Wanderer came to their aid that day, for with out it Misthaven would have suffered heavy losses. This story is well known through out Lothienye and is apart of the reason why many traders avoid traveling through Misthaven territory. Since that battle no outsider dare approach Misthaven with ill intent or else they risk the wrath of the Wanderer.

The Sacred War

House Misthaven remained neutral through out the course of the Sacred War. They would’ve joined the Helian Assemblage if not for a series of strange delays that prevented them from getting involved with the war effort. Messengers sent from Inorias report it took days longer than normal to reach Misthaven. Many got lost along trails they had traveled many times before. What caused the delays remains a mystery. When they finally got word of what happened to Starglass the Misthavens felt terrible they received the news too late to really help with the battle. They offered to take in the Starglass refugees, figuring the high elves would enjoy the company of other elves over the humans and gnomes in Inorias.

Elven House - The Misthavens

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