Elven House - The Poisonpetals

House Poisonpetal is a fearsome drow House known for its highly skilled alchemists and potent poisons. The House is surrounded by natural growing underground fields of bio-luminescent plants and fungi. They use these plants for a variety of purposes including poisons, tattoo ink, medicine and even to illuminate their city.

Drow from House Poisonpetal typically have turquoise-colored eyes.

House Crest

A glowing, wilting flower with petals falling off of it. The flower is splashed red with blood.

Current Matron

Yasrena Poisonpetal

Aitha Mark

A series of blue-green tattoos made using bio-luminescent ink. The tattoos are of falling petals on the left half of the face. They are often mistaken by outsiders for being tear drops.

Poisons & Potions

People from the Underdark and the above world alike seek out this House to obtain just some of their infamous poisons that only they know how to create. They guard their poison recipes with their lives and refuse to share their alchemical secrets with anyone. While more well known for the ways they use plants to kill others, their alchemists are powerful healers as well.

Glowing Tattoos

It is common for the drow of this House to tattoo themselves using bio-luminescent ink. They enchant the ink so that with a thought they choose whether or not they want their tattoos to glow. The ink used to mark their Aitha is not enchanted so their tattoos always glow.

An Alliance With Myconids

The Poisonpetals have a mutually beneficial alliance with a nearby tribe of myconids. Cutting through Poisonpetal territory is a “river” of a strange sludge-like substance. When applied to their skin the amount of time a myconid can survive up on the surface with out drying out and dying doubles. Multiple applications of the sludge extend their survival time for even longer. This sludge is also a good source of nutrients for the myconids. The drow have agreed to both protect the river and trade the myconids some of the slime in exchange for a type of fungus the drow like to use in a lot of their poisons.

A lot of this fungus grows in myconid territory. They often use the fungi to get high on their psychedelic spores. These same spores are highly lethal to most other humanoids when inhaled, including to the drow. Since the myconids are immune to the spores’ poisonous effects they can safely harvest the fungi and remove their spore-producing gills. After the gills are removed the fungi become much safer for the drow to handle. The myconids trade the drow the fungi to get bottles of their prized slime.

Due to this long standing trade agreement the two races have rarely come into conflict with one another. Most of the myconids of this tribe are neutral, with a handful of evil-aligned members. Many of these myconids glow in the dark much like the foliage around them. They can control how much they want their bodies to glow.

Elven House - The Poisonpetals

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