Elven House - The Silverseas

House Silversea is a high elven House famous for its nautical prowess and whale riders. Members of this House are mostly traders and sailors ferrying goods between the continents. Unlike the other elf Houses, House Silversea has more than one central city. Instead they own a myriad small settlements and ports scattered all across the Speckled Isles, with their largest port city being the home of their Matron.

The elves from this House have navy blue or seaweed green hair, olive skin, and vibrant sapphire blue eyes.

House Crest

Two silver dolphins emerging from the water back-to-back. The dolphin on the left is examining a compass, the dolphin on the right is gazing through a telescope.

Current Matron

Verniwen Silversea

The Matron’s Mount

It is custom for the upcoming Matron of this House to spend a century at sea, sailing the world and honing her skills. The “ship” she sails on isn’t a ship at all, but an ancient leviathan-sized dolphin. This dolphin has been with the Silverseas for as long as anyone can remember. She has always shared a special bond with their Matrons and it is typically only the Matron and a handful of mages who get to ride her. Although thousands of years old the dolphin appears to be an adult in good health. The elves have no idea how long the dolphin’s lifespan is, but like everything else sans the gods and demons they know one day she will die. They do not look forward to that day, and hope she remains with them for a couple thousand more years. This dolphin can telepathically alert the ones riding her that she wants to dive down into the ocean. The mages that travel with the Matron then put up a magical air bubble over the top of them while the dolphin is underwater.

The Dolphin-Mounted Police

The Silverseas have a specialized police force known for their dolphin mounts. These officers and their dolphins patrol the oceans, primarily to monitor and protect oceanic trade. They take out pirate ships when found, and often assist people aboard distressed or sinking ships. These elves wear special masks that allow them to breathe underwater, much like what a scuba diver would wear. Their police chiefs and lieutenants ride orcas instead of dolphins.

All members of this police force keep a loose connection to their mounts. While the officers are away on land they let their mounts swim freely in the seas until they are needed. Each dolphin and orca has an invisible scrying symbol on them. When they wish to go back to sea the officers find a local mage and have them scry their location, then have them use a long-distance speak with animals spell to tell their mounts where and when they want to meet up.

A Hatred for Pirates

The elves of Silversea have an intense hatred for the pirate city of Ithlon. They despise pirates as it is, but their anger wasn’t really sparked until Ithlon began sinking or capturing innocent trading ships getting food and supplies to House Starglass during the Sacred War. Then some members of Ithlon began training and riding sharks to counter their police force, and the elves were even more livid. The pirates are highly abusive to their shark mounts. The elves are not surprised by this. Unlike dolphins and orcas who are social animals, sharks are loners and thus much more difficult to train. Even so the sharks do not deserve such treatment. The police force does what it can to free the poor creatures when encountered.

Wild dolphins and orcas already know how to incapacitate and kill sharks, and the elves use this knowledge to free them. Flipping sharks onto their backs puts them into a trance-like state that, if they aren’t turned back over, will eventually suffocate them. The elves and their mounts work together to get Ilthon’s sharks into this state and then remove the rider from their saddle. When the sharks are flipped back over they swim off into the deep, abandoning their riders to whatever fate the Silverseas have in store for them. Often outmatched by the more knowledgeable elves, the Ilthon shark riders try to avoid direct combat with them.

Elven House - The Silverseas

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