Elven House - The Skullgems

House Skullgem is a drow House on Aerwulf known for being one of the few elf Houses to specialize in psionics. Their House is nearby a vast gem and crystal mine. The drow harvest many of the gems and use them for their psionic properties.

The Skullgems most often have white eyes the color of bleached bones, and more rarely pale yellow eyes or hair.

House Crest

A skull with a gem in its right eye socket

Current Matron

Sarilyth Skullgem

Aitha Mark

Right eye removed and replaced with a colorful gem. The only ability the gem grants them is vision. The gem is not shaped like an eyeball and is kept in place with psionics.

A Crystalline Crown

The Matron of House Skullgem has a crown made of potent psionic crystals embedded into the skin on her head. Like a normal crown these crystals are passed down from Matron to Matron. When the old one dies or retires the gems are extracted from her head, cleaned, then placed into the skin of her successor. Through her own mental control of the crystals the Matron uses them for various psionic purposes such as scrying on her enemies. Some of the crystals float around her head and she can turn them into needle-like projectile weapons in combat.

An Eye for an Eye

Powerful psions from this House sometimes remove an eye and replace it with with a gem that grants them extra psionic abilities. Their eye is removed by their Matron during a special ritual that implements her crown of crystals as the extraction method. Unlike the ones used by their Aitha, these gems are made to fit the individual’s eye socket. The gems are typically white or ivory in color, with circular runes carved into it that give the appearance of an iris from far away. The runes sometimes glow when the psions cast powers.

Bodies of Diamond

Some non-psionic drow warriors in Skullgem receive crystal implants that enhance their bodies. Hundreds of crystals are infused with the warriors’ skin through an exhaustive and somewhat painful process performed by psions. With a thought they can manipulate the crystals into coats of armor, weapons, shields, or sometimes to shoot at enemies. The gems can be only one of these uses at a time. They cannot be a suit of armor and a weapon at the same time, for example. The crystals are exceptionally tough, just short of being as durable as diamond.

Seludol Istimra – The College of Mind Magic

Skullgem has a well known college dedicated to the psionic arts, the Seludol Istimra. Although it is predominantly members of their House who attend, people of other races who are psionically gifted are welcome to join.

Skullgem has occasionally gone to war with the surface dwelling dragonborn who wish to use their gem mines as a food source.

Elven House - The Skullgems

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