Elven House - The Twinbrooks

House Twinbrook is a wood elf House located on the strip of land between the two rivers running east of House Blackhelm. They are regular trading partners with the Blackhelms, helping them transport their mined adamantine to larger settlements down river.

Elves from Twinbrook have wavy hair that’s usually black but sometimes is a dark teal hue, and copper skin with green-grey undertones. Their eyes are most often a rich emerald green but more rarely can be teal like their hair.

House Crest

Two rivers running parallel to each other. On the land between them is a large stylized tree bearing many colorful flowers.

Current Matron

Minhiri Twinbrook

Protectors of the Rivers

These elves fervently protect the twin rivers they call home. Long ago the Twinbrooks established a pact with water elementals after a series of severe floods from both rivers nearly destroyed their House. The elves swore to protect the rivers if the water elementals helped prevent such horrible flooding from happening to them again. For centuries the two races have worked together to keep the rivers clean and healthy. Twinbrook boats can easily go up or down river thanks to the water elementals. Together they also created a series of irrigation channels that run through out the House. To cross the channels the elves made a series of small bridges and the House is often called the Elven City of Bridges.

Although they are open to trade with the cities down river, on occasion the Twinbrooks have temporarily stopped trade with them if they believe those cities are polluting the rivers too much. This typically has not been an issue with the Blackhelms who are more reliable with their treatment of the rivers than the humans. This is not to say that the Twinbrooks and the Blackhelms have never had strained relations in the past. Albeit they were caused by the Blackhelm’s wars with the drow, not trade disagreements.

Relations with the Blackhelms

Unlike the far more bitter Brightwoods, any frustrations the Twinbrooks have with the Blackhelms are quickly forgiven and forgotten. Not even some Twinbrooks being captured by the Neverlights and becoming Taurel’di soured their alliance with the Blackhelms for too long. The Twinbrooks do not blame the Blackhelms for what happened to their people. They understand it was a time of war and awful things happen. When some of the Taurel’di were freed amidst Blackhelm’s third war with the Neverlights, the Twinbrooks were more than thrilled and happily welcomed the Taurel’di —as well as any half drow with them— into their House.

Fruity Vines

There is a special vine that grows on trees by the riverbanks. Unlike most vines, these ones have a symbiotic relationship with the trees that doesn’t kill them. The vines produce a tasty fruit the wood elves of Twinbrook love to use in their dishes.

Elven House - The Twinbrooks

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