The High Seat of Helios

Leader of the Helian Assemblage

As every citizen of Inorias knows, the city-state has an old and illustrious history, one that is intimately connected with that of the Church of Helios. A group of his priests were led by a child granted a vision. It showed the world as being swallowed up in darkness and chaos – except for one spot, upon the highest mountain in Lothienye. They were to go to that spot and found a church there, in the name of Helios. From atop that mountain would shine the Beacon, and they would act as lenses of his light, spreading word of his deeds and his church. It has grown greatly since its founding, where it started as a small church surrounded by supporting farms.

Led by the Council of Prelates, which consists of members of the Church who have shown their devotion to Helios and his works on Beleah over the years. The Council currently consists of nine prelates. Roncryn Glitterstaff is the only one gnomish on the Council, as well as the only male member. He is reaching advanced years, and has recently taken a shine to an up-and-coming prelate by the name of Marigold Summerwind. She has earned some small amount of fame by being the youngest current prelate, among the youngest since the founding of the Council itself. This fame has worked against her to a degree however; there are certain portions of the gnomish population who fear that should Prelate Roncryn tap her as his replacement, they will lose any gnomish input for quite some time. This is a minority opinion, and not one that would lead to major discontent; however, it still exists and strives to be heard.

At the summit is their most holy temple to Helios, the Heliacal Balefire. The city then forms a series of three rough circles that expand outward from there, further divided into eight districts known as ‘spokes’. Thus, someone might reside in First Northwest, but work in the more industrial Second South. The surface and underground sections are unofficially referred to as Lightside and Darkside, but without any benevolent or malevolent connotations to them. There are, of course, jokes about it; there is never any malice behind them though.


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