Sorcerer Origin - Fey Touched

At some point in your existence, you were touched by the magic of the Fey. This can happen in multiple ways, including having fey ancestry, being favored when young, or your parents striking a deal. Your personality and body are both affected. You are lighter on your feet and lighter in your soul. You usually have quirks of both actions and appearance that people can find odd, but enjoyable.

Forest Friend

All animals you encounter are automatically one step more friendly towards you. This makes normally hostile animals (bears, bob cats, etc) neutral to you, and animals that are neutral friendly toward you. Most animals will allow you to willingly pet them. Friendly animals are protective of you, and will be one step less friendly toward anyone they see as a threat until you assure them (with a verbal command and touch) that the target is not a threat, and return to their normal stance (of neutral) toward the target.
You also have a small woodland companion. This companion is something found in the woods near where you grew up, and has been your friend, and a friend of your family’s, for a long time. Magically imbued with fey energy, the animal has unnatural lifespan, usually living four or five times longer than most animals of its kind. The familiar can be no larger than tiny size. If the familiar dies, you can find a new companion and begin to form a bond. The bond takes a year of almost constant companionship to create the bond.
Your companion can fight as an animal of its type, and gains abilities as you level up. If you choose a companion that has moot fighting skills (a squirrel, for example), you gain different abilities as you level up, and have 1 additional MP for any day in which you are in contact with your companion. This MP is spent last, and is lost if you are separated from your companion for any reason. Your companion counts as you for the friendliness of other animals.

Light of Feet and Heart

You are light on your feet and have a bright personality, affecting the way others think about you.
Your light feet gives you proficiency with Initiative checks, increasing how fast you react to things around you.
Your light heart gives you a permanent +1 bonus to Charisma. This bonus cannot go above the usual 20 limit for Attribute Scores.

Improved Forest Friend

At 6th level, your animal companion becomes more powerful.
If the animal is a fighting animal, it gains 4 HD. This increases health, as well as proficiency. Your animal becomes proficient with its natural weapons, and gains 2 Natural Armor. Your animal also gains 2 Attribute points to spend.
If the animal is noncombatant, then you can choose to cast spell energy into your animal companion once per day, which can later be discharged with distinct precision, casting the spell. This is considered a bonus action, and another spell can be cast as well. You can cast any spell for this action, but once the spell is chosen, it cannot be changed. You cannot take Corruption to use this power more than once per day. Your pet gains 1 HD, which only increases health and proficiency. The pet gains no new proficiencies, Armor, or Attribute points.

Fey Flight

At 14th level, your fey magic makes you so weightless, you can take off from the ground. You gain a flight speed equal to your current speed. No action needs to be taken to gain this flight speed, it is always active and can be used whenever a move action can be used.
You cannot wear any armor while using this ability, and the armor is too encumbering and heavy. Magical spells and clothing that grant armor are ok, as these are not encumbering. You also cannot carry any large loads, including other people, and cannot carry more than half your max load of objects while flying.

Greater Forest Friend

At 14th level, your animal companion improves again, this time gaining 4 HD, and 2 Attribute points to spend.
A combatant Animal companion gains an additional attack that can be used each round.
A noncombatant animal companion can grant 2 AC to nearby allies. This AC bonus can be granted to allies within 60 feet, but can only grant up to 2. This means a single ally can gain 2 AC, or two allies can each gain 1 AC. This is a constant effect and can target even the animal companion. Switching this AC bonus can only be done as a bonus action on your turn.

Forest Hero

At 18th level, you and your companion become champions of the forest. You both gain the ability to speak to animals and plants at will. Your companion can now speak Sylvan and Common. If you could not speak Sylvan, you now can. They take on the attributes of fey-touched animals, meaning their appearance becomes more colorful and they live for 4-5 times longer.
If your companion is Combatant, they gain the following:

  • 4 HD.
  • An Additional Attack that can be used each round.
  • Can heal once per day.
    If your companion is NonCombatant, they gain the following:
  • Their own pool of MP equal to 2.
  • Knowledge of 4 cantrips
  • Knowledge of 2 First level spells.

Sorcerer Origin - Fey Touched

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