The Green Coalition

Coalition of Races

Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Ogres are generally considered savages among the land. But in this world, a group have gathered up and created a society. This society is rather recent, and is regarded as barbaric due to the races’ pasts. However, that does not stop the Green Coalition from moving forward with their own intellectual advances.

In fact, the Coalition has been steadily advancing, with a multitude of walled cities scattered among the lands. The technological prowess of the Hobgoblins is not to be trifled with, and the tactics employed during battle by the fierce Ogres inspires envy in all. Overall, this fast growing society wants to just be on equal grounds, and more and more kingdoms are treating them with some amount of respect, at least as far as trading goes.

Shamans to Cities

When the Coalition first started, they were a group of small villages. These villages were led by intelligent shamans, who saw the benefit of grouping with other persecuted races to form alliances. These alliances grew and intermingled, each sending people to the other villages to learn about each culture and learn new skills.

Eventually, these villages boomed into towns, and then into cities. These cities started building their own universities and developing their own technology. Now, these cities are hubs of trade, and bastions of acceptance for all. Their liberal policies are welcoming to even the most persecuted of people.

Shaky Grounds

Just because the Green Coalition is civilized does not mean they are without their inner problems. Many of these races have been in conflict for many centuries before forming the coalition, and those prejudices still exist. However, this usually only causes tension, and not outright violence.

In fact, there are laws against such prejudices, and they are strictly enforced. The Green Coalition wants to be a bastion for all, and they cannot do that while they still have their inner prejudices coming to violence or degradation. The phrase “Release the past, for the present is strong and the future can be made even stronger.” is one of the most popular in the Coalition because of this.

The Green Coalition

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