The Legionnaires' Guild

The Legionnaires’ Guild
Costs and Perks
Teamwork Expertise

The Legionnaires’ Guild is a group of adventurers that work almost like mercenaries, helping people with heroic problems within specialized parties. The parties are formed at low skill levels, and as the party members raise in expertise, so too does their teamwork. The Guild Members get special perks for bringing in income and fame to the Guild, as well as their own slice of the pie.

The Guild is set up with a Guild Hall, a small piece of land floating above the Magic Well. On the land there is a castle, complete with courtyards and everything. This piece of land is a mini-plane, created by the founder of the Guild. The Castle is set up with portals that are powered by the Well, allowing transport all over Materia. These portals do not go to other planes. There are about 40 adventurers in the guild, with about 100 more people who manage the guild and its perks.

Costs and Perks of Joining

The cost of joining is nothing! You can join for no cost, outside of the cost it was to gain your skill set. The perceived cost comes with the adventuring split, where the Guild gets 20% of proceeds when completing adventures under the loom of the Guild. Dishonesty in this is not tolerated and usually has a prohibitory period of 6 months where many perks are revoked, followed by forced eviction for further stealing from the Guild.
The Perks gained are the following:

  • Room while staying in the Guild Hall. The room is 10×10.
  • Food and water. Meager meals for free, with access to buy better food.
  • Room Expansion when bringing in 10,000gp or more per adventure for the Guild as a group. This room is larger, which includes a large den room, and personal rooms and bathrooms for all in the group. This is revoked if any are dishonest about the adventuring split.
  • Free healing at the Guild Hall, aside from material costs. Dishonesty revokes.
  • Access to the Guild Shop, which is generally the size of a large town’s shop. Dishonesty revokes.
  • Access to training grounds. Training grounds can be used to gain small amounts of experience during downtime. Dishonesty revokes 2 weeks a month (you are encouraged to train for part of the month at least).
  • Free travel to anywhere in Materia. Dishonesty revokes outside of the necessary travel for adventures.
  • Good fame, generally gaining you free drinks or food at taverns. The chances of this goes up when you have accrued more of your own fame on top of Guild Fame, possibly giving you rooms, items, easier access to information, etc.

Teamwork Expertise

As you work more with your team, you learn how to develop more teamworking skills. Any team that has worked with one another gains these perks as they gain levels. New people who join cause the whole thing to collapse for one month per level of the group, when teamworking skill is reachieved.

At 2nd Level, you gain the ability to react when those around you do. The half of the party (rounded down) who go after the other half gain a +1 bonus to initiative.

At 7th Level, your ability to compliment each others’ skills increases. When using the Aid action, not only does the party member gain advantage, but they lose any disadvantage they otherwise would have had (so the two will not cancel each other out). This is only gained when Aiding another.

At 13th Level, you are able to React to help your companions in situations you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make. In combat, you can use your reaction to aid someone with either a spell, attack, or block, providing them with advantage on a defensive roll. This does not count as an Aid action.

At 19th Level, you are so adept at working together in combat that you can compliment each other with combo attacks. If one character specifically holds their action to combo with another character on their turn, they create a combo. The combo allows both characters to make their actions as normal, and then add their proficiency bonus to damage or healing. If neither is dealt for the action, then increase the DC for effects by 3 instead. You cannot gain both (such as a breath attack, where both damage and a DC happens), and if you can deal damage or healing, this is ALWAYS done before adding to the DC of effects.

The Legionnaires' Guild

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