The Madness of Magna

The Madness of Magna is said to be a disease. However, its origins and its nature, which many speculate is magical, is unknown. There is no known cure for the madness, and the affliction only infects the minds of the elves and their half-kin. There aren’t many cases of the disease, but all elves are aware that it could happen to any one of them around the age of a century.

The disease itself is devastating to the host. Some time after affliction, the host feels they must create something: a certain methodology, an object, a new form of magic. They feel it will empower the world, and that the world will be a better place for it. And as for the lives that must be taken to make these goals a reality? Necessary sacrifices.

That is the nature of the obsession that fuels their killing sprees until they are eventually brought down. Most only kill three to five people, but some kill many more, leaving a bloodbath in their wake. Most of those that are caught never see their obsessions come to fruition, only left until another like-minded person can come along and continue their work.

A Curious Beginning

The Madness doesn’t make itself readily apparent when it first infects the mind of its host. First, if the subject is not already curious, the disease fuels their curiosity, making them want to pursue more scholarly arts. This sets them in position in order to learn what they can about their obsession area, so when the time is right they can attempt to reveal their findings to the world.

This happens usually around fifteen years after the curiosity first begins. Unfortunately, its far too hard to spot someone who is developing the Madness as opposed to someone who is just becoming curious. However, what is even harder is spotting someone with the Madness who was always curious, for they are not immune from its grasp…

Magna’s Legacy

The title of the affliction gets its title from multiple sources. The first is the fact that Magna was the god of knowledge before turning into the demon form he takes today. Another is the fact that this affliction only affects elves, which claim to be in the image of Magna.

However, the name also is constructed out of the fact that in an overwhelming amount of cases, the victim is male. In fact, about eighty percent of cases are men who have the Madness. Since Magna was a male, and all of these cases seem to align, many believe the disease is some sort of imprint left upon the world from Magna’s unleashing of the Magic Well.

Notable Cases of the Madness

The Eruption at the Coalheart’s house was caused by a person who wanted to channel the lava into a power source. Some miscalculations caused the volcano to explode. Luckily, Arith turned herself into a demon in order to save her house.

The Skullgem’s warrior gemstones that are infused in the skin required many subjects to experiment and find the perfect combination of something that is usable for the house. These experiments were painful and caused horrible mutilations of the subjects’ bodies.

When the Thornfangs were creating their detect life spell using small amounts of vampire blood, it was proven that even vampiric elves can get the madness. At first, the detect life spell caused people to go mad with bloodthirst and begin to bite and attempt to eat people.

There was once a time in Jademarsh where they did not have Were-alligators for their spiritual peoples. In order to create a creature that could go between elf and alligator and hybrid alligator, many experiments on unwilling participants were necessary. The house finally decided to use the research gained, since it was already there and they could not take back the lives lost.

When the Frostfalls first encountered the Coldfire, using the coldfire to create super-powered elves was reserved for the Matron, as noone believed anyone else could withstand the magical cold. However, with some experimentation, a technique was found where one could acclimate someone from a young age and have minor Coldfire powers. This created the frostscars.

Silversea’s Matron rides a giant dolphin across the seas. This dolphin was originally meant to be a gift to be used for war by the Matron. The Matron obviously does not use the animal as such except in dire circumstances. The extreme lifespan of the creature has been speculated to be connected to the disappearances of many elves, whose life force likely powers the beast.

The mists of Misthaven.

The Madness of Magna

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