The Undam Wanderers

The Undam Wanderers


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A sad beginning: The History of The Undam Wanderers

Close to one thousand years ago, the Halflings of Undam faced a constant struggle. They sought land that was fertile, but due to their less aggressive natures, they were easily driven from lands they would call home. Considered by many to be one of the lesser races, they were often pushed aside, and in more extreme times even killed, with little to no thought. It wasn’t until a young Halfling boy, Yurwin Thunderfist, gathered his people together and raised them up against the oppression of the other races, that this would all change.

For almost twenty years, Yurwin led his people in exploration and diplomacy against those that would treat them as lesser beings. He reached out to the leaders of the great races, beseeching them to reconsider their outlook on his people. After years of talk and bartering, Yurwin was able to create a treaty and a peace with the leaders of not only Great Races, but also his neighbors. Shortly after, the Halflings claimed some land to call their own. Settled along the shore of the great lake “Herron’s Roost”, they named their city Starling, because at night the reflection of the heavens in the water gave the impression of the sky never ending.

Yurwin continued to lead his people, a strong and compassionate leader, and helped them establish trade and fishing routes along the lake. He lived to the age of 110, and his death was a blow to his people and the Leaders who had come to call him friend. The next few years were tough for the Halfling people of Undam. Lacking any strong leadership, they began to fall short of their trade agreements. Contracts were lost, and neighbors who once called them friends turned their backs on them. Finally, an evil race arose from nearby mountains, a race of violent and conquering impulses.

At first, the Halflings sought to make peace with this race of creature, but were met with violence and aggression at all turns. Finally, this race declared war on them, wanting the bounty their lake front town could grant them. They sought aid from those who once they had dealt, but it was too late. They were beset on all sides by those they would have called allies, and soon the city fell, consumed by fire.

As they were falling to the forces aligned against them, many of the elder halflings fell to their knees, praying to the spirit of Yurwin to aid them once more. From out of the darkness came a huge pack of wild dogs, and with their help, they were able to turn back those who sought to destroy them. As their enemies turned and fled, the city of Starling burned. Believing they had come at the behest of the spirit of Yurwin, They clung to their new companions, these highly intelligent Hounds, whom they called Yurhounds.

On the morning following their great battle, the could see small grey flowers sprouting from the ashes of their once humble city. They followed the sprouting of the new flowers, and with their new friends, the Yurhounds, they began their lives as wanderers. They followed the flowers, traveling the entirety of Undam, seeking out a place to call home once again. Lacking any strong leadership, they have become simple nomads, living off the land and traveling to follow the natural floral paths of the Starlings. Despite their history, the Undam Wanderers treat strangers with kindness and caring, their halfling nature overcoming a history of persecution.

The Undam Wanderers

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