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  • The city-states of Lothienye

    Lothienye is home to many races and cultures. Aside from the elven Houses, there are countless city-states, although most are arranged in constellations of influence around nine. It is a continent home to many styles of governance, from the rival …

  • The Sacred War

    The Sacred War can trace its roots to a dispute between alliances led by Sirisea and [[The Helian Assemblage | Inorias]] due to their differing religious ideologies. Both claim the other started the conflict: Sirisea claims it merely defended itself from …

  • Sirisea

    Seat of the Tyranny of Malaran City of Bridges Population: 59413 Cash Flow Level: Metropolis Sirisea was built atop Lake Esk, deep in the deserts to the north of Lothienye in order to showcase their determination to spread their order and rule. …

  • Ithlon



    The High Seat of Helios Leader of the Helian Assemblage As every citizen of Inorias knows, the city-state has an old and illustrious history, one that is intimately connected with that of the Church of Helios. A group of his priests were led …

  • Staywich


    Ellorwis, the Republic of Voices Located in the southwest corner of Lothienye, Ellorwis was founded after the discovery of the [[Well of Voices | Well of Voices]], a site of potent visions. Supplicants who receive visions are overwhelmed by a choir …

  • Nulbarakaz

    Nulbarakaz was a member of the[[The Helian Assemblage | Helian Assemblage]], later joining the [[The Peacemakers | Peacemakers]]. Sirisea launched an assault upon it during the Sacred War, which was easily crushed with the assistance of Baragzan. …

  • Orithor


    Elven House - The Starglasses

    Elven House - The Misthavens

    Elven House - The Thornfangs

    The Helian Assemblage

    One of three alliances during the [[The Sacred War | Sacred War]]. Leader: [[Inorias | Inorias]]. Additional members: [[Staywich | Staywich]], [[Elven House - The Starglasses | House Starglass]] Former member: [[Nulbarakaz | Nulbarakaz]]

  • The Coalition

    One of three alliances during the [[The Sacred War | Sacred War]]. Leader: [[Sirisea| Sirisea]]. Additional members: [[Ithlon| Ithlon]], [[Elven House - The Thornfangs| House Thornfangs]], [[Rimiro | Rimiro]]

  • The Peacemakers

    One of three alliances during the [[The Sacred War | Sacred War]]. Leader: [[Helleras| Helleras]]. Additional members: [[Nulbarakaz| Nulbarakaz]] (originally a member of the Helian Assemblage), [[Ellorwis | Ellorwis]]. Motto: "Blessed Be." This …

  • The Mud Cartel

    Officially the [[Nulbarakaz | Nulbarakaz]] Mercantile Society, the Mud Cartel has a storied past behind its stolid influence on the city-state of Nulbarakaz. Dulryl Ebnus was part of a small clan that immigrated to Nulbarakaz, a face in a large crowd …

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