Dwarven Society - Baragzan

Baragzan is a bustling surface city on Southern part of Lothienye. Unlike other dwarven settlements, people of other races come and go often, and trade is bustling with their neighbors. However, like other dwarven settlements, Baragzan keeps its politics to itself and does not concern itself much with the outside world. Even during The Sacred War they only helped out when Nulbarakaz was in danger, and only because of Nulbarakaz’s high dwarven population.

Dwarves of Iron

Hill dwarves are dwarves that spend more time on the surface, but in cool climes. As such, they tend to have paler skin than other dwarves, with a hue of silver. This silver hue has earned them the name of Iron Dwarves. Iron Dwarves generally get along well with other surface dwellers and tend to trade with their neighbors much more frequently. Outsiders generally consider them to be jolly and trusting, although they are not stupid.

The Iron dwarves of Baragzan specifically embrace the title. As such, they have erected large walls made of iron around their city in defense. Unfortunately, this is driving their booming industry underground, as the expense to expand is just too large. The doors of the great walls only close at night, and are otherwise welcoming to all who may pass through.

Forge not with Fire

The dwarves of Baragzan have mastered a technique of tempering steel over long periods of time in low temperatures. This process causes many carbon impurities throughout the steel mesh, creating a stronger steel reinforced with a diamond-like structure. This process is similar to cold iron, but creates much stronger metal.

The Impurities in the steel also create microscopic serrations, making their weapons much better at tearing up. Unfortunately, this process also causes the weapons to become dull faster, and in need of almost constant sharpening. These Cold Steel weapons are very effective against fey creatures, and they use them in their constant struggle with the Dark Portal outside of their city.

Fighting with Fey

Just outside of the walls of Baragzan, a portal to the Feywild mixes with the land nearby. Unfortunately, this portal is one that leads to a particularly bad part of the Feywild. Because of this, the portal has been dubbed the Dark Portal.

Baragzan has been at war with the evil fey of the region for as long as anyone can remember. They have been building greater and greater weapons against these fey, notably their Cold Steel weapons as shown above. These fights have left them bitter towards most fey, and will generally drive any fey, even good ones, out of their territory.

Warriors of Industry

Baragzan, due to its walls, have been as of late running out of space for its expansion. Because of this, the industrial dwarves have been expanding underground. In order to make this a viable tactic, they have created 5 giant Cold Steel doors coming out of the hill, where they can quickly mobilize in just about any direction.

Underground is also where the technological advances this city is known for are happening at rapid speeds. Here, they create marvels that other races consider magic, but the dwarves claim otherwise. They have been using these new technologies against their fey enemies.

Rumor has it that the dwarves are creating something that will be completely unrivaled. From the sounds of it, even the greatest of archmages are no match for this weapon. But the real mystery is, what is this weapon, and is it even real?

Dwarven Society - Baragzan

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