Elven House - The Jademarshes

House Jademarsh is a wood elf House located deep in the wetlands and swamps of a large river delta in Northeastern Undam. This House is one of the most reclusive of all elven Houses, rarely getting involved with the affairs of the outside world. Preserving the wilds of their precious wetlands is of most concern to them.

The elves of Jademarsh have copper colored skin, often with hints of green. Their hair comes in many shades of brown, and rarely will be black. They most often have copper colored eyes, but some will have jade green eyes with flecks of gold. Those with the jade green eyes are said to be born lucky.

House Crest

An alligator standing on its hind legs about to fire an arrow from a longbow.

Current Matron

Niyoli Jademarsh

Jaws of the Marshland

A small subset of druids within this House are weregators. After years of rigorous training a selected few are chosen to undergo a magical process that transforms them into a weregator. The ancient magics used and the ritual itself are known only by their most powerful elder druids. These weregators have the same level of control as a natural, but unlike a true natural their bites do not transmit lycanthropy.

Jade Trees

Scattered through out their territory is a species of tree called Jade Trees. These trees aren’t actually trees at all, but large lichen-like fungi that developed a symbiotic relationship with microscopic algae that allows them to photosynthesize. Jade Trees do not grow very tall. Their maximum height is about twenty feet. The entirety of these fungi, from their “bark” to their leafless branches, are the color of the stone they are named for.

Certain parts of the branches are edible and the elves commonly use them in their cuisine. The drier twigs can also be burned for fire wood. When burned the twigs create a vibrant green flame. But the most well-known use of the Jade Trees is the elves crafting them into living but durable suits of armor. The bark of a Jade Tree is tough but extremely flexible. This trait is particularly useful for their weregator druids. They can wear this armor in both their natural and hybrid states, and can transition between the two with out fear of their armor breaking.

While Jademarsh utilizes many parts of the Jade Trees they are forbidden from harvesting their root-like mycelium. The elves believe that all Jade Trees might be one massive organism interconnected through miles and miles of underground mycelium. Each tree is simply a new fruiting body emerging from the mycelium of this one fungi. The interconnectedness of the Jade Trees is sacred to the Jademarshes and is something they actively protect. They do not interfere with lesser organisms that naturally feed on or live in the mycelium, however, since they believe that if they did they’d be disturbing the natural order of things.

Elven House - The Jademarshes

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