Elven House - The Skyborns

House Skyborn is a sky elf House located beside the Walled Waters, the high altitude lake at the center of Aerwulf. The sky elves are a subset of the wood elves. Their homeland spans much of the tallest mountain range on the material plane. As such these elves are well adapted to the lowered oxygen levels at high altitudes. They are the only elves known to posses a natural ability to fly and are sometimes called “the elves who fly with dragons”.

The elves of Skyborn are the palest of the wood elf Houses, but it is not uncommon for a Skyborn to have tawny or bronze skin. Their hair is jet black, and their eyes a dark evergreen color.

House Crest

A golden eagle flying over the peak of a mountain.

Current Matron

Toghra Skyborn

Guardians of the Merfolk

At the bottom of the Walled Waters is Dymea, a civilization of freshwater merfolk. Two centuries ago the local dragonborn used to hunt and eat the merfolk like they would other fish. The merfolk were one of their few steady supplies of meat and food was scarce at the time. The elves were just as hungry as the dragonborn but believed hunting the merfolk was wrong. No matter how starving they were they never resorted to fishing them.

Although the merfolk did their best to avoid the dragonborn, many of them were caught and eaten. Fearful and frightened, the merfolk abandoned parts of their underwater city and migrated to Skyborn waters where they were safer and better protected. To protect the merfolk even further the Skyborn forbade the dragonborn from fishing in their territory at all. That did little to stop the desperate dragonborn who often ignored their warnings and fished there anyways. Quite a few Skyborn lost their lives saving merfolk caught by dragonborn. For years and years the elves tried to convince the dragonborn to stop. It was not until other food sources became more widely available did they finally agree to stop hunting the merfolk.

In the present day the dragonborn feel terrible for what their ancestors did. Although a merfolk hasn’t been eaten for a long time now, and the dragonborn do what they can to make up for their sins, the merfolk are still afraid of them. They have a deep seated distrust and hatred towards the dragonborn, and typically avoid interacting with them at all. If they must interact the merfolk get the Skyborn involved to act as mediators, to which the elves happily oblige. The Skyborn themselves have yet to fully forgive the dragonborn for their past transgressions against the merfolk. Many elves who took part in protecting the merfolk when they were being hunted are still alive in the present day. They remember with clarity what the dragonborn have forgotten and put behind them.

Due to their past dedication to protect the merfolk, House Skyborn has a strong alliance with them. It is not uncommon to see members of Skyborn flying over the lake, just barely over the surface of the water. Merfolk swim up to the surface to greet them, leaping and jumping out of the water. Sometimes an elf grabs one of the merfolk and hoists them up into the air so the merfolk can do an aerial dive back into the water. Its not unheard of for a sky elf to even take a merfolk flying with them.

The Festival of Stars

Each year House Skyborn and Dymea throw a festival together, known as the Festival of Stars. At night the Skyborn attach various lights and other glowing objects to themselves and perform aerial shows above the lake, while at the same time merfolk perform light shows beneath the water. The lights are so bright onlookers can easily see them from both sides of the lake.

Aerial Tournaments

The Skyborn hold an aerial tournament every five years testing the mettle of any humanoid who can fly. While most of the participants are members of their House, members of all races are welcome to join. In past years dragonborn from the lake town were barred from entering. Today dragonborn from there are no longer prevented entry, but most don’t bother participating.

Elven House - The Skyborns

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