Elven House - The Starglasses

House Starglass is a high elven House known for its land being pockmarked with craters. Ages long ago a bunch of meteors struck the earth there, leaving behind thousands of meteorites. This House sits along the Western coast of Lothienye, Northeast of Rimiro. Their city is seated at the base of the largest crater in their territory. Over the course of a few centuries the House gradually created an artificial plateau beneath the city, raising it a couple hundred feet above the crater floor. This gave Starglass a unique tactical advantage over would-be invaders.

Elves from Starglass have fair skin that burns easily in the sun and beautiful star-shaped freckles said to have been bestowed upon them from the heavens the day the meteors fell. They also have black colored eyes and blonde hair ranging in hue from dark gold to platinum blonde.

House Crest

A starry sky filled with many falling stars. One of the falling stars, the central one, is much larger than the rest of them.

Current Matron

Shalana Starglass

Glass From the Heavens

The House got its name through its members collecting the meteorites that dot their land and using them for their unique magical properties. When melted down, the meteorites turn into a ceramic material that looks much like glass. The elves often use this beautiful black-colored glass to make pottery, jewelry, and other forms of art. This glass is also a highly absorbent material against spells and magical explosions. The elves of Starglass craft a unique kind of mage armor using leather and ceramic plates made from the meteorites. The armor is surprisingly light weight, and grants its wearer a lot of magical resistance. Even though its reinforced with leather, the armor is recommended for mages only.

A Conquered House

During the Sacred War the elves of this House attempted to remain neutral for as long as possible. Their location was an unfortunate one: squarely in the middle of Coalition territory. They knew the tentative peace would not last forever. They called out to Inorias and the rest of the Helian Assemblage for help. Unfortunately getting help to them proved extremely difficult given their location. Ithlon’s pirate fleet had set up a nearly impenetrable blockade in Starglass waters that not even the experienced merchant ships of House Silversea could get through.

In the last few years of the war House Starglass was attacked by the Coalition, primarily by drow House Thornfang. The siege came as a total shock since no one of the Helian Assemblage up to that point even knew the Thornfangs had joined the Coalition. The battle was swift, lasting only a couple days, and took the lives of many on both sides. Many of their House fled for the safety of Inorias, including Matron Shalana. She chose to leave instead of staying behind to fight, unlike all of her top generals. At the point Shalana fled she knew there was no way they would win the battle, and she did not want her people with out a leader as well as their homeland. This decision soured her standing with many of her people. Some believed Matron Shalana should have died protecting their homeland instead of running away.

Inorias tried to help the elves, but due to the surprise nature of the attack they could not reach them in time. All Inorias could really do was help the Starglass refugees who’d managed to escape. A significant portion of House Starglass could not escape the battle. Some were killed, but most became slaves for House Thornfang or Sirisea. The refugees who got away mostly took up sanctuary in Inorias or later migrated to House Misthaven.

To this day their land belongs to the Coalition. During delegations for peace the elves of House Starglass got neither their land nor their enslaved people back. To further add salt to the wound Matron Zestra of House Thornfang brought the enslaved Starglass generals with her to the delegation, all of whom she had turned into vampire spawn. This infuriated Matron Shalana, who now holds extreme bitterness towards Inorias for failing her and her people twice. House Starglass hopes to one day free their people from slavery and to reclaim their homeland.

Elven House - The Starglasses

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