Ithlon was founded by the Discharged Legion, who now act as arbiters and peacekeepers of the city and its fleets. It was the safe haven of countless pirates over the centuries, but the Legion has been the most successful at not only building a safe haven, but a home there. They happily found a home in the Coalition led by Sirisea, leading a successful blockade of House Starglass.

The self-proclaimed ‘ Helleras of the North’ (a claim seen as a vicious insult in Helleras) is home to countless infamous mercenary fleets, over which the Rusted Dogs and the Gatekeepers of Waters Destruction stand tall. They are only overshadowed by the Discharged Legion themselves; none dare challenge their reign.

The Selachii

After suffering one loss too many to Silversea’s cetacean-mounted police, the founder of the Discharged Legion, Sagani Enitix Panamin, had enough. She took after the example of Silversea and decided that she could do them one better. Crafting her own enchantments and garments, which are held to be the gold standard to this day, she then found herself the biggest shark she could, and rode it until it accepted her presence.

She trained a few of her trusted underlings in secret, and made the pirates slow down their hunts for a brief period. Then she led a group of sharks against a relaxed merchant ship, for the shock factor more than anything else.

They took the ship, although they did suffer some – hushed up – casualties in their shark squad. They have never been highly effective against the dolphin police except in isolated cases, but they’ve done wonders for intimidating ships about to be attacked!

Although Sagani is getting on in her years, she still leads her crews on her selachii mounts. She has even acquired an upgrade in recent years: Myazu the Selachii Demon King. Few outside of the shark riders have gotten a good glimpse of this leviathan, and even they avoid looking at him directly. No one knows the tale of how Sagani made him submit to her will. All they know is that they make a terrifying pair at sea.

Sagani does not take as active a role in Ithloni politics, usually leaving daily business and law-keeping to her subordinates. She also rarely rides Myazu into battle. There are many theories attempting to explain this, with some suggesting that even Sagani’s adamantine will is only enough to corral Myazu for short periods of time. Or, as some whisper in the darkest corners of taverns, perhaps she is simply getting old and working hard not to show it. Still, none dare challenge her rule. She is the Queen of the Selachii. None can surpass her; they may merely mirror her.


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