Nulbarakaz was a member of the Helian Assemblage, later joining the Peacemakers. Sirisea launched an assault upon it during the Sacred War, which was easily crushed with the assistance of Baragzan. Baragzan acted largely in the defense of Nulbarakaz’ large dwarven immigrant population, but refused to go on the offense in the war.

In turn, Nulbarakaz’ decision to enter the Sacred War was in part a gamble by the Arilon dynasty; if they could get the populace behind the war, maybe they could keep the growing dissent under a lid. They lost that gamble, and the crown with it to Saris Onda, later crowned Saris I. Onda later led Nulbarakaz to join the Peacemakers. She faced initial resistance from the largely human aristocracy, but most of the human noble houses, alongside her fellow gnome houses have thrown their support behind her, at least officially. The Mud Cartel has thrown its tacit support behind her and her dynasty.

The Skalbreker Academy has had a long, if mostly quiet history in Nulbarakaz. It struggled to secure funding, coasting along year to year and producing just enough bards of note to keep interest in it over the local area. After the formation of the Nulbarakaz Mercantile Society however, the Academy was suddenly hit with a large influx of funding. This was also around the time that the Academy, started to emphasize bards who followed the path of Valor. These students affectionately referred to it as The Barracks (or the Bardacks) and became known across Lothienye for their bravery on the battlefield and their prowess at playing their instruments.

The Arilon dynasty had always looked down its nose at the Academy; first for its inability to do more than tread water, and then for its success at the hands of the Mud Cartel. Prior regents saw the so-called Mercantile Society as a front for more criminal activities and as a threat to its power. They wouldn’t dare act against the Society openly, for fear of angering Baragzan, especially since the sizeable dwarven population guaranteed that Baragzan would help in the defense of their beloved city.

In a sense, their suspicions were vindicated generations later. Saris Onda was able to ride a wave of popular support (and that of the Mud Cartel) to oust the Arilon dynasty, leading the city to join the Peacemakers and help end the horror that was the Sacred War. Onda has been careful to keep the Mud Cartel on her side; if they helped overthrow one dynasty, they could topple yet another if so provoked.


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