Seat of the Tyranny of Malaran
City of Bridges
Population: 59413
Cash Flow Level: Metropolis

Sirisea was built atop Lake Esk, deep in the deserts to the north of Lothienye in order to showcase their determination to spread their order and rule. It gained the nickname of the City of Bridges due to its layout on the lake. The cantons are the larger districts which are developed vertically rather than horizontally; they tend to act as nearly independent cities of their own, with a lot of freedom allowed in how they govern themselves. Surrounding these are a variety of fleets, marinas, neighborhoods, and simple ramshackle huts which are all connected via a dizzying network of bridges. The four largest and most central cantons in Sirisea all have bridges connecting to one point in the heart of Sirisea: the Ring of Malaran, a gladiatorial arena.

Sirisea’s Undercity is rather unique in Lothienye, seeing as it is located under and around the lake bed. Carefully maintained stairways connect the largest cantons to the lower sections of the city, alongside the typical entrances found on the shore by the lake itself.

Soldiers of Sirisea were carrying out minor raids on outlying villages of Inorias and other city-states just before the beginning of the Sacred War. Sirisea claims that it then defended itself from Inorias’ incredibly disproportionate response. They founded the Coalition, and the war kicked off in earnest.

The Mouth of Malaran is the religious figurehead of the city, who is given the authority to appoint generals to run the cantons. They are then tasked with maintaining order and overseeing recruitment into the military. Citizens are expected to serve for a minimum of two years after reaching majority.

Sirisea has a larger concentration of tieflings than the other city-states, as Sirisea has a friendlier disposition towards them.

Its elite military unit is known as The Ruin.

Sirisea’s Collegia Bellum is where they train their soldiers for the glory of Malaran and His rule. Within this school is the Collegia Praecantatio – the war wizard college. Most members of the Coalition tend to send their wizards here, although that is not an iron-clad rule. There is a higher than average proportion of tiefling students as well, due to Sirisea’s greater tiefling population. While students do get a good overall magical education, the focus first and foremost is on practical applications – specifically on the battlefield. Most graduates tend to join military units, either state-run or mercenary companies.


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