The Mud Cartel

Officially the Nulbarakaz Mercantile Society, the Mud Cartel has a storied past behind its stolid influence on the city-state of Nulbarakaz.

Dulryl Ebnus was part of a small clan that immigrated to Nulbarakaz, a face in a large crowd, and would have stayed that way if not for a certain event. In honor of their dying father, Dulryl went on a hunting expedition into the swamps near Nulbarakaz one fine day with his three brothers. Their father, Bhalduhr, requested a specific kind of animal that is only known to live within those swamps, and he wanted it to be served at his funerary feast. Unbeknownst to Dulryl, his brothers planned to kill him and claim his share of their father’s inheritance – after swearing up and down that their beloved brother was lost to a tragic hunting accident, of course. In their arrogance they left him for dead. Exhausted and enraged, he dragged himself along in the mud until he collapsed, certain that he was soon to awaken in the afterlife, free of his pain.

When he did wake up, he was confused. He felt whole, albeit tired, hungry and thirsty. And none of the stories of the afterlife had it look exactly like the swamp he thought he’d died in. Rather, he’d found a rather special patch of mud, one with magical healing properties.

He made sure to carefully note the location of the mud and returned to Nulbarakaz screaming for his brothers blood. One of them had a heart attack at the sight of this bloodied and muddied revenant. The remaining two were punished for attempting to murder their kin.

Dulryl used the inheritance to found a guild to sell the mud for its healing properties – and to jealously guard its location. Although the guild is officially open to all races, the majority of applicants and members tend to be dwarves. The Cartel has unofficially supported Saris Onda’s ascent to the throne.

The Mud Cartel

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